4 Essential Holiday Business Strategies

Posted on November 25, 2011


The holidays are here, and it’s the perfect time to reach out to prospective customers!

Regardless of recession, there is no other time that green will trade as quickly as it will during the holiday season. The time for action is now. All it takes are 4 simple strategies to make holiday direct mailing results as bright as your Christmas lights!

Stir up interaction with old customers-

What better excuse than the holidays to reach out to inactive customers. A holiday greeting and discount offer can be a great way to show that you still value them.

Using an address verification service to ensure that your old customers live at the same address is an effective method to improve target performance.

Use Propriety Change of Address Tools

If they have changed locations, you can locate old customers using COA tools, which identify some of the 22% of movers who do not file a change of address form with the USPS.

Mail Your Active Customers!

Mail those who have responded to you within the last 12 months. They’re more likely to care about whatever you send them, and more likely to respond.

Include “Or Current Resident” in your content

Rather than get your mail thrown out because it’s delivered to the wrong person, make your content generic using words like “Current Resident” to address your reader. This increases the chance that someone reads it as opposed to it being thrown out.

Target Key Customers

Study demographics in order to devise where your most important customers (the people most likely to buy your products) truly lye. That way, the mail you send has a higher chance response and thus a higher ROI.

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