Unusual Business: Giant Toilet Builds Traffic

Posted on November 21, 2011


For one Finnish restaurant, business is going down the toilet.

Built in 1933 for the bustling number of shoppers present at Turku’s giant marketplace, this giant toilet remained actively used until 1986, making a name for itself as a famous landmark due to its immense size and odd shape.

After its retirement, instead of being torn down, the bathroom was saved by adoring fan and radio host Kaija Vaisanen. Since then, Puutori toilet has become a cozy restaurant stopover and a fun tourist destination for visitors around the globe.

Against all odds, as a restaurant, the Puutori generates a vast amount of traffic. Tourists come from all over just to dine there, and the convenient positioning within the marketplace makes it an easy stop for hungry locals. And regardless of how unappetizing the setting may sound, when it comes to a quality meal, this place delivers.

Albeit a bit unsanitary, it’s clear to see that Mr.Vaisanen had done his research. The strategy behind using a well known and stand out location has given him tons of customer traffic. But you don’t have set up shop in a 50 year old restroom to find success. With the right maps and marketing strategies, the customers will come. And there’s no better way to get a start on your sanitary business venture than with a visually captivating location map for your company website!
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