Changing Europe’s Gloomy Tourism Forecast

Posted on November 7, 2011


The forecast for the industry of global travel and tourism in Europe is expected to slow, leaving market expansion to Asia. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, 2012 statistics and forecasts show that economic conditions will continue to deteriorate in Europe.


The continent’s tourism numbers are suffering from several issues. Higher taxes, cut backs, and failed outbound marketing has left the pockets of European citizens light, meaning that they have less disposable income for travel and tourism.


And while the crisis in Europe is driving a huge shift towards Asia, whose travel market is growing at about 9 percent annually, their own future seems somewhat bleak. European Central bank President Mario Draghi said on November 3rd that the 17-nation euro currency area may enter a “mild” recession.


So what’s the solution?

From a tourist’s standpoint, one of the best things that Europe can do to fight the forecast, is get creative with outbound marketing. One of the most impacting ways that they can spark a traveler’s plans is to provide them with informative and captivating visuals.


Tourism maps play an essential part of peoples’ choice in travel. Finding a map that will show them places of interest, activities, restaurants, places to stay, and more, in a convenient and eye catching way is key to making travel decisions. It goes without saying that maps like this create comfort, and when someone feels comfortable exploring and navigating through a new place, they are more likely to visit.

At MarketMAPS, we strongly believe in maps as solutions, and the influx of tourism is no exception. Combining accurate geography with custom design, we’ve provided several chambers of commerce and government tourism offices with maps that contain custom detail like logos, shading, locations, and anything else that will best serve the needs of them and their tourists.

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