Electrical Outlets Around the World

Posted on November 4, 2011


Here’s a map that any constant, globetrotting business traveler would appreciate.



These are the most commonly used electrical sockets in the world. This is good to know, but unfortunately most of us don’t know which sockets are where in the world…which poses a problem for any wet haired, unphoneable, and laptopless nomad. Sure we’re suckling at the teat of technology but hey who isn’t?

Now you can leave all of the extra power adapters and electrical socket reconfigurers at home because a man by the name of Mark Lakata came up with this map:

Yes, the world has been sorted by the type of electrical outlet its countries use.

The American model (yellow) prevails across all of North and Central America, and most ofSouth America. And do to globalization; it’s also the standard model inSaudi Arabia,Liberia, thePhilippines,Japan, andTaiwan. Oddly enough it’s also prevalent inIndochina, don’t ask us why…

The Subcontinental’ model (dark green) is used throughoutSouth Asia. And the Southern tip ofAfrica.

The ‘antipodean’ model (light blue) is only used in four countries, all of which are along the southern hemisphere-Australia,Argentina,New Zealand, andPapua New Guinea.

The ‘imperial’ model (dark blue) is used all throughout theUK, the UAE, and much ofAfrica.

The ‘European’ model (light green) is used throughout all of Europe, with the exception of UK and Ireland, both Koreas,Turkey, most of the Middle East, most African countries, Indonesia, and even a few countries in South America.

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