7 Special Maps

Posted on November 2, 2011


Maps offer more than directions, they are often a creative way of sharing information and marketing!

What’s the key to a creative map? Making an idea that you have fuse with geography is a creative task in its own rite, and you can be sure that with a little color, text, and unique design, that you’ll be on the right path to a beautiful display. But just to give you some ideas…

Here are 7 examples of how people are using maps to express themselves and their business.

1. Blockbuster Promoter

Anybody remember a movie called Away We Go?

Well this map was made to promote it, asking music fans to plot their favorite music related memories on an interactive map. Submissions could be browsed and viewed by artist, track, or location. And when they selected a location, an audio clip of the mentioned song would appear next to the map!

2. Public911.com

This website features a real time map of live data from Seattle Fire Department. The map shows where all recent 911 calls were made in theSeattlearea, the time they were received, and the response that was given. Active and closed calls are color coded green and blue- pretty useful for a reporter or maybe a super hero…


3. FluTracker

The name says it all.

The FluTracker map uses markers to indicate cases of swine flu around the world. The circular markers vary in size, smaller where there have been few cases, and larger for those with many. A chart below the map would detail the daily and cumulative growth of swine flu cases.

4. Follow your taxes!

Even the government is getting more trendy. Nowadays you can find visualizations of government data on a map. This map in particular is from Recovery.gov, an official website of theUSgovernment that tracks where money intended to stimulate the economy and create jobs is going.


5. Mapping the Job Market

As the economy and job market has been in the hole for a while, this is one map that affects all of us. This map indicated the jobs lost since 2004 with alarming red circles. The green circles on the other hand are a refreshing display of jobs that have been gained- looks like things are finally starting to slowly pick up.

6. BillMaps

Ever wondered who voted for what on US Congressional bills? Well wonder no more, this site plots votes across a map of the country. There is a massive list on both current and past bills available for viewing. Green is for yes, red is for no.

7. Trendsmap

If twitter talk is something that you value, then you’re going to love this. Now there is a visual way of following all the gossip. This map lets anyone find the most talked about topics from any area all over the world. Trending key words are displayed across the map, and a chart indicated the topics’ growth in popularity over time.

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