Unusual Business- Bizarre Locations Around the World

Posted on November 1, 2011


It goes without saying that Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, and McDonalds are some of the biggest franchises in the world.


You’re used to seeing them on just about every block in America. But considering all of the existing buildings and culture in most other parts of the world, do you ever wonder where these giants fit in?


The answer is, wherever they can. These businesses fit into locations that might not be the most traditional choices, but convenient and lucrative just the same. Here are 4 places that you might not expect to find a fast food chain-

The King is in Afghanistan


You can have it your way, and since last autumn, soldiers in Afghanistan have been able to have it their way too. Burger King Food trucks have been stationed at bases to provide US soldiers with a taste of home. It might not be the optimal choice for a warrior’s diet, but an occasional burger and fries definitely helps fight feeling so home sick.


Golden Arches Shine through the Red in Prague


Ok, this one is more ironic than bizarre. While the ideology of communism is busy collecting dust within the constraints of its Czechoslokian concrete cage, the floor beneath it is bumbling with the sounds of capitalism…and cashiers. Right below the Museum of Communism, is a McDonald’s. What better way to mark this victory over Marx?


Korean Culture Takes Over Coffee in Seoul


WaitSouth Koreais our ally, what’s to take over? Well interestingly enough, Seoul, an otherwise centerpoint of globalization, is also home to one of the most traditionally Korean districts, Insadong. Needless to say, the people there were unhappy. So instead of packing up, Starbucks decided to make some drastic changes in order to fit in. The common green logo in the front of the store was changed to Korean alphabet, the store was remodeled to look more like a traditional Korean shop, and the uniforms were even changed to look more like traditional Korean costumes. How’s that for reverse globization?


KFC in the Hills of Kathmandu, Nepal


The same people who ride elephants and bear witness the bold view of the Himalayans are now lining up for chicken pit stops. Since 2009, Pepsico’s KFC and Pizzahut have kept the locals coming for more.  What we may see as another greasy meal is exotic to another.


No matter how different these companies are, the one thing that binds them is location strategy. And you can be sure one of the first things they did was research. Analyzing demographics in order to find key customers, comparing potential sites to find the best territory, knowing where competitors’ are– you can bet that all of these factors came into play when these juggernauts made their move. Take it from the big leagues, planning is key. Fortunately MarketMAPS provides the geographic solutions needed for every step of the way.


With a vast collection of demographic variables available and unrivaled geographic accuracy, our cartographers and design team work to bring you the ideal business tools. From site selection, to presentation, and sales force management, we’ve got you covered.


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