Mapping for Office- 2012 Senate

Posted on October 28, 2011


Believe it or not, maps are used for just about everything, and the political world is no exception.

Even a politician running for Senate in Connecticut needs a helping hand. Planning a campaign means planning when and where a candidate will be as they attempt to build their popularity. Defining these campaign locations means having the right geographical tools.

So when one of this year’s candidates for office needed a planning tool to coordinate their campaigns across the state, they turned to us. MarketMAPS was able to provide her a map of color coded congressional districts of Connecticut with full streets, cities, and town detail. We made her map with detailed geographic coverage, including both a city & town index, and the locations of every Congressional district in the state.



“But how do we include our own data without overcrowding the map?” the campaign team asked. They needed a way to supplement our map with their own visual data, in a way that wouldn’t affect the maps already existing content. That’s why we made them a clear acetate overlay, so that they can add and remove their additional data as needed by simply laying it over their existing map. This offered them a unique and practical way of adding data without ruining their map with the overcrowding of information.

Thanks to one map, now an entire campaign team has the means of planning an efficient…and hopefully successful political venture. Good luck!

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