A Map Is Worth a Thousand Words

Posted on October 26, 2011


In the spirit of Halloween, here is an eerie map of the US-


Who says geography can’t be scary?


With a comedic approach, this map represents the scary…and not so scary myths and realities of each of the 50 states, like the hurricanes of Florida. It’s also a great example of a publication map.


Jeff Wysaski, the creator of the map and website Pleated-Jeans.com, produces various comedic visuals, including maps. But these maps are more than just funny; they are a prime example of the use of maps in publishing. These maps have been featured on the publications of various companies, including the Huffington Post, Times Magazine, Forbes Online, and more.


A publication map of the exports and imports percentages of Africa

Magazines, textbooks, newspapers, phonebooks, websites- whatever the medium, publications are always finding new ways to use maps as displays. Whether it’s made for a laugh like Jeff’s work, informative displays, or marketing material, maps add value to content for any reader.


That’s why MarketMAPS sibling site, CustomMapping.com provides custom cartography that caters to our clients’ readers. Add a map to your publication that will make its words come to life. Whether it’s a historical map to help tell a story of the past, or a thematic map to paint a picture for a specific topic, our design team works to compliment your text. We can customize several details like content, theme, style, and graphics. Publishers of all types come to CustomMapping.com for quality, accurate, and creative maps.

Ok here’s one more funny publication map from Jeff Wysaski, enjoy!


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