Mapping For Hollywood

Posted on October 25, 2011


There’s no business like show business

Especially when you’re  bringing in royalty after royalty for every appearance your product makes on a film or TV show. When production companies come looking for maps to use as part of their prop displays, most providers have them paying out the ear for every appearance, scene, etc., that their product is in.

Fortunately we’re not like the other guys…

What do the films The Hangover and Me, Myself, and Irene have in common? Wall Maps from! Our wall maps made great props for the 2009 comedy hit, The Hangover.


Legendary Pictures, producers of The Hangover, needed 4 wall maps of Las Vegas as set props for scenes in The Hangover. Our favorite scenes of the movie are when Bradley Cooper scrolls our wall map of Las Vegas, marking his friends’ journey… and when Zack Galifianakis gets tasered by a child, with our wall maps handsomely displayed in the background.

The process was simple, they paid, we signed the release, and they used the wall maps. is the top choice for motion pictures companies for 3 reasons:

1. Quality

Combining the use of state of the art technology with masterful map graphic design, our wall maps add an element of sophistication or adventure to any background.

2. Our price.

3. No royalties, no extra fees, no hassle

The easiest reason to choose our wall map is that the process is straightforward, you pay for the wall map, then use it however you see fit.


With the tight schedules and demands of filming, quick delivery is essential, so when a motion pictures company like Legendary Pictures needs a wall map as a prop for their set, they look for the fastest way to get what they need. And, no matter how many times Legendary Pictures decided to show our wall maps, our client paid one flat price. That’s why they turn to us.


Whether it’s a motion pictures company or a television broadcasting network, the companies of the entertainment industry choose because we deliver their wall maps as fast as next day shipping (within an hour for digital), and we only charge one price. When you’ve bought your wall map, you’ve bought the rights to use it. No royalties, no extra fees, no hassle.


Need a map of your own? Prop or not offers the greatest selection of wall maps available, at the fairest prices around.

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