Mapping the Perfect Wedding

Posted on October 20, 2011


Picture this…

…you’re walking down the isle, ready to begin the first day of the rest of your life, when Aunt_____ and her three kids coming huffing in through the chapel’s back door. You look over to the front left row where cousin _____  and _____ should be sitting but instead they’re still in their car and half way to the San Pedro ship docks by now because Google Maps has severely deceived them.  And just before you declare those two vital words,

                                    “I do”

you are cut short by 50 Cent’s Candy Shop because someone forgot to turn off their phone and your cousins are calling whoever they can to get directions… yea they still don’t know where they are.

In the off chance of this very scenario and many others, businesses have popped up for their chance to make an extra dime while offering a way to prevent hearing one of the world’s most common ring tones go off in the middle of your wedding vows.

Wedding Maps

Because let’s face it, you can’t trust turn by turn directions, you want all of your guests to find the place, and it’s a really fun and creative addition to a wedding invitation.

The key to making a good wedding map is having accurate geographic data and the ability to customize to nearly any degree. Whether it is color shading to match a theme, elegant text, or choosing the amount of detail to make sure your map is simple and clear, these are some of the many musts to keep the bride happy.

There are plenty of ways to do this yourself, either by hand or computer program, but in the case that you would want a professional touch we have your solution. MarketMAPS can provide custom mapping that offers limitless creativity. With a team of expert cartographers and designers, no job…or wedding, is too big or too small.

Have a custom mapping need? Check out our sibling site,, and see how we can help!