Fishing For Customers

Posted on October 19, 2011



Maps were originally used as a means of charting the newly discovered. It’s been one of man’s many attempts to make better sense of the world around him.


But as time moves forward, so does technology, and the level in which we can capture our world. And for the world of a fisherman, and a businessman, it hasn’t advanced nearly as much as it should have, until now.


Before 2003, if you wanted a map of the ocean floor of Cape Cod Bay or any spot along the US coast for that matter, you got some version of this stone etched display-

Granted a map of this caliber has still proven invaluable, but at this day in age, it was entirely evident that technology was lagging. Since then, the geographically minded have put tablets and chisels behind them, offering something more in the lines of this-



Why should I care?


A map of this quality has the ability to take fishing to the next level, offering fishermen a source of understanding where the highest populations of fish are, as well as where they are dwindling. Not only does this increase the chance of a great haul, but it keeps us aware and active in the matters of ecological sustainability.



But it goes farther than fish; these maps are used to help in capturing tidal energy, rich metals, and the educated placement of communication cables. In other worlds, making us more efficient and environmentally friendly



How Does this Relate to Business?


While you might not be dealing with fish, understanding where the higher populations of key customers are located in regards to site selection or your existing location, is invaluable. And like a fisherman, the more you cast your bait in those highly populous areas, the higher your chances of catching the big haul (in this case, customer traffic).

Though we might not offer bait, MarketMAPS does have an endless supply of demographic data to fuel you with the most strategic tool in your arsenal. Be it population sizes, age, sex, and income variables, whatever information you could possibly need, MarketMAPS can provide.

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