Unusual Business- Fangweng, the Hanging Restaurant

Posted on October 18, 2011


Climbing hundreds of feet above the Sanyau River, most visitors come this high over the Yiling District, China, to bunjee jump or to witness the famous Three Travelers’ Cave. But right along side these more obvious destinations is one of unusual businesses in the world.

Situated against the side of the cliff near its more well known tourist destination counterparts,  is a restaurant known as Fangweng. From one side of the restaurant, customers can enjoy the flowing water of the river, while on the other, the sight of bunjee jumpers as they plunge face first into the abyss.

This edgy location makes for a lucrative one, working as a complimenting stop to a visitors trip. Albeit extreme, the biggest part of this restaurants success has clearly been its planning. Mapping out a prospective territory like this, in accordance to the highly popular areas surrounding it would have been crucial.

This place stands out, way out- so far out that you can see Fangweng restaurant from a satellite map at quite a distance away. Its location is completely unique, meaning it is never mistaken, one of the many rewards reaped from strategic planning.

Location Plotting with Max Street Detail, San Francisco

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