More Than A Map

Posted on October 17, 2011


Maps show us a lot of things. We use them to explore and get to places, for traveling. They show us roads, streets, freeways, terrain—they show us ways. Maps also can show us other things. Scary things…maybe not scary, but maps have a way of visually putting ideas in perspective.

Beans VS Fries!

That morning you drove to work saw a Starbucks at every corner, you thought: Starbucks is seriously taking over the world. Check out this map Princeton made (below) to show the immense presence Starbucks and McDonalds has on Earth.



While offering a unique presentation of geography and data, this map shows how both companies act as global hubs, connecting the some of the world’s poorest countries with its richest. It’s cool and eerie at the same time! This map was created in 2003. It is now 2011. You can only imagine.

Eek! Gas Prices Come to Life


At you can find a map of a color coordinated U.S., each color depicting the average price of gasred being the highest and green being the lowest. Okay so this map isn’t as fun as the Starbucks one…especially for those of us on the west coast, but a great resource just the same.


This one’s for the wine connoisseurs.


There is a key difference between this and most other wine maps- wine regions are usually a mess to map!


In wine-making, the hyperlocal is key. Microclimate, production and processing methods, soil type, and types of grapes- these essential factors that are really only applied to small, adjacent plots of land. With that little space and that much detail, you can imagine what most wine maps look like…a jumbled, unreadable, cluster f-…yes, a mess.


For one brilliant cartographer, a solution came in two words- metro map. Using the same mapping style designed for metro cities, they were able to map out every major wine region of France. The colored lines represent the country’s main win-producing regions, while the dots are significant towns or cities within those regions. With names and distinctions of wine types and even specific grapes, this map lists everything you could need to know about the vineyards of France.


Do you need a map to illustrate something? What do you want people to see and more importantly, what point do you want to make?  Check out and see how you can make a statement today.

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