The Value of a Map

Posted on October 14, 2011


Opportunities In Geography


Geography skills are becoming increasingly important as the world advances in technology. Years ago, a B.A. in Geography could land you a job as a teacher, but as the world continues to globalize, the opportunities for skilled geographers and cartographers are growing at an incredible rate and have expanded in various industries such as tourism and travel, census mapping, government and military maps, urban planning, etc. You may not see a job posting entitled “Geographer,” but be assured there are jobs out there; you just have to know what to look for.

Urban Planner

Anyone interested in urban planning or community development must have a great understanding of zoning and land usage, especially when working on the enhancement or development and design of completely new urban area. Whether you are deciding over the placement of a public library or a school, an understanding of mapping is essential.


Do you like to travel? Can you handle multiple jobs at once? A professional career in cartography is more interesting and demanding that you may think. The media, map and atlas publishers, the government and especially book and travel magazine publishers are always looking for skilled, artsy cartographers to produce maps. From directional to conceptual, professional cartographers can find themselves working on a fictitious map depicted in the travels of a character in a book one day, and a map featured in a travel brochure the next. The job opportunities are endless.


GIS Specialist

Whenever you look up driving directions  or restaurant locations on the internet, know that it’s because GIS software made it possible. Geographic Information Science specialists make more than just maps; they are able to gather data and display it on a map. Whether it’s demographics for a business or illustrating property boundaries for a real estate company, such mapping is constantly in need. Professionals can even find work in the criminal justice system, creating maps for a court to visualize scenarios. While GIS professionals find work mostly through city governments, county agencies and private companies, jobs in other areas are abundant.



Clima-what? Yeah, that’s right, Climatologist: one who deals with the science of the climate and climate conditions.  The National Weather Service Agency, the Weather Channel and various environmental agencies look for individuals with more than just a meteorology degree. They look for geography skills. As data, temperatures are just a list of numbers, but on a map they make a statement. Jobs especially in environmental management are increasingly rising because of the “Go Green” movement and continual climate changes; these companies are always in need for the most up-to-date map reports with temperature information.



There are nearly 3.5 million employed truck drivers in the U.S. today, driving day and night delivering various products from Coca-Cola to one-day shipping items—they are always on the road. In addition, there are over 600 freight railroads and over 33,000 post offices. The world functions and works they way it does only because people and products have the ability to get from place to place quickly—and this is made possible only because of maps. Travel and transportation business want to know more than how to get somewhere—they want to know the quickest way to get there.

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