Unusual Business: Subway’s Secret to Success

Posted on October 13, 2011


If the franchises of the world were a civilization, Subway would undoubtedly reign as their king.

The business is a goliath, having surpassed even McDonalds, the former juggernaut that once held the heavy weight belt for most chains worldwide at 32,737 restaurants. Subway now has over 33,749. There is almost nowhere in the world you can go without eventually running into a Subway restaurant. So the question on everyone’s mind is this- “What’s their secret?”

The answer lies in their uncanny locations.

Ask Les Winograd, a Subway spokesperson, about their territories and he’ll tell you “Having stores in non-traditional locations certainly helps.” Subway restaurants have an ability that big competitors lack, they fit into difficult and bizarre locations. “Subway is flexible and we have minimal equipment, which allows us to be creative in where we go.”

And when we say bizarre locations, we mean bizarre. Here’s a list of 6 of the most uncanny Subway locations in the world, enjoy

1.Detroit Central High School

Photo accredited to Subway

2.True Bethel Baptist Church,Buffalo

Photo accredited to Subway

3. Jewish Community Center,Cleveland

Photo accredited to Startup Journal

4. KDDeutsch Riverboat,Germany

Photo accredited to Subway

5. World Trade Center Construction Site,New York

Photo accredited to Subway

6. Lucy’s Laundry Mart, Los Angeles

Photo Accredited to Google


Take it from Subway and choose your locations both wisely and boldly. Making a site selection as creative as these locations involves having the right tools for territory analysis. MarketMAPS provides accurate geographic and demographic data for companies like Subway everyday, allowing businesses to make the educated decisions they need for success.

Start planning your next location today, with the right map-

Location Map with Max Street Detail of San Francisco



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