Paving the Way for In-Home Medical Service

Posted on October 10, 2011


In-home medical service providers play a growing role in society, offering the health care that people need by delivering it to them. These professionals make visits to clients’ homes and offices all over their residing cities- wherever there’s a need, there’s a doctor to fill it.



One of the most important parts of planning this doctor to patient interactions is coordinating worker placement. Knowing where patients are in relation to the company base is essential to efficient planning, timely service, and overall happy & healthy patients. So when one up and coming in-home medical service provider needed the right tool to coordinate their doctors’ placement throughout Brentford, Tennessee, they turned to us.



We gave them the perfect tool to succeed- drive time polygons. The map that we made them is labeled with custom polygon borders to mark estimated drive time distances at 30, 50, 60, and 70 minutes travel. Combined with full street and city data, Zip Codes, and demographics by Zip Code area, these maps are the perfect tool for employees to navigate through the city to existing customers, as well as a means of targeting new and potential customers.


So whether it’s for employee distribution, sales targeting, or presentation, MarketMAPS has them covered. Now this same in-home health care provider is working faster and easier to keep their growing client base, a healthy one!

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