Unusual Business: Beagle Bed and Breakfast

Posted on October 7, 2011


Business is barking!

Visiting the lush green lands of Idaho? Then why not spend the night in a beautiful bed and breakfast built-in the shape of… a giant beagle. Rest assured, this oversized K-9 comes fully furnished- a bed, a breakfast table, a small refrigerator, and other such amenities. There’s even a giant fire hydrant shaped outhouse!

Check out this video and take a tour inside the biggest beagle in the world…

One thing that comes to mind about this place is location. Rolling hills, tall grass, a rural setting- the location compliments the inn like a dog to its backyard…literally.

For any business, beagle shaped or not, location creativity and strategy are essential to customer traffic and key customer targeting. That’s why we recommend that no matter what your business is, analyze territory carefully. Fortunately MarketMAPS has the tools to make site selection an easy process, giving you more time for the things that matter.

Check out these custom/business maps and learn more about how we can help-

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