5 Reasons Why Advertising Often Fails

Posted on October 5, 2011


Paul Weyland, a broadcast sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant wrote an Entrepreneur.com featured article, “Why advertising ‘doesn’t work’ – marketing problems”, this past June. He’s in the advertising business but admits that he finds himself doubtful when hearing the same statement over and over again: “Well, I tried advertising and it didn’t work.” But it does work, Weyland reminds himself, because he’s seen it work.

On a mission to find out why advertising mostly fails but only sometimes wins, Weyland became a “forensic pathologist for advertising” and has identified the five reasons why advertising, for some, is a complete fail.

  1. Wrong demographic

  2. Horrible creative

  3. Stingy budget

  4. Unreal expectations about results

  5. Marketing problems

Believe it or not, the number 1 issue on why advertising efforts fail is because businesses are simply, as Weyland puts it, “fishing in the wrong pond.” You wouldn’t try to catch a marlin using a hook made for catfish, just like you wouldn’t pay a client with Trident Layers gum (so unfortunate). What is fortunate, however, is MarketMAPS can help with all of those issues, especially with the no. 1 reason: wrong demographic. Our products can provide your business with the highest quality demographic consumer expenditure and style data products. There are thousands of data variables to choose from: census data, estimates and projections, media mark consumer behavior, assets and debts, climate, retail potential, etc. In other words, whatever data you need, MarketMAPS can provide.


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