Unusual Business: 12 Courses Below the Sea

Posted on September 30, 2011


You’re sure to enjoy delicious Maldivian-Western cuisine at this unique restaurant… just don’t mind the fish watching you eat.

Seated 16 feet below sea level, only a clear glass wall separates guests from the ocean and its schools of inhabitants. The cool Pacific waters surrounding hungry guests marks Ithaa as the only undersea restaurant in the world.

Rangali Island

It’s one of the 1,200 islands that make up Maldives, about 300 miles away from the Southernmost points of India and Sri Lanka, and it’s the only place where you will find this underwater dining experience. Open from 11 am to midnight daily, Ithaa Undersea restaurant proves to its competitors that once again location is key. Sure there are other Maldivian style restaurants out there, but they’ve sealed their own sort of monopoly by taking the dive into the Pacific Ocean.

Check out this video of one party’s visit (it’s a bit rough, but you’ll definitely get the full view of this place, inside and out)-

Quality and service is one thing, but setting plays a huge part in the dining experience, and needless to say it can make or break an owner. When planning your location think like Ithaa, be bold and be creative. Check out these maps and start planning your business now!

For more information, please contact Ankit Daga @ (570) 724-9188