Unusual Business: World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Posted on September 28, 2011


Sometimes (apart from having a great location like the coast of Algarrobo, Chile) a business can find success in something to boast about. San Alfonso del Mar Resort get’s its claim to fame through this man made lagoon.

Measured at exactly 3,324 feet, this giant strip of water has been deemed the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool since 2007. It’s also extremely deep, diving down to 130 feet and holding a total of 66 million gallons of water. The coast hugging pool is entirely man made, and with unique technology, it even uses water from the near by Pacific Ocean to fill it. You can even find the business in the book of Guinness World Records!

Beyond a phenomenal pool the business is largely successful because its location. Parallel with the beautiful southern coast of the Pacific Ocean, surrounding the white sand, and making the beach there into its own monopoly, it’s clear that for San Alfonso del Mar Resort, location planning was key. Not only is it a beautiful resort, but a stand out destination for any beach goers from the thrill of wind surfing and snorkeling, to the relaxation of sun bathing, or a massage.

Like San Alfonso del Mar Resort, when planning your next business location, be bold, be creative, and be prepared. Start planning now with the right map!

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