Bizarre Business: Dinner in the Sky

Posted on September 27, 2011


What kind of dinner costs over $6 grand?

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One served from a giant crane suspending you and 21 other people 150 feet above the ground, that’s the kind.

It’s exactly what it looks like- a giant crane is used to hang a dinner floor, table, chairs, and more 150 over the ground. It might seem a bit ridiculous looking up at this from below, but once on the actual contraption, the view is exceptional.

The first Dinner in the Sky was in Brussels in 2006. Since then the sky-high dining experience has gone global, being offered in over 15 countries including the US. Now people have gone a bit farther than dinner, using the crane for business meetings, musical performances, and even wedding ceremonies!

It’s a cool $6,500 for this crane rental, which comes with a chef and 2 assistants; the choice of cuisine is up to you.

Check out some of the locations that this high flying dinner is happening:

Budapest, Hungary:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

Amiens Cathedral, France:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

Barcelona, Spain:

Toronto, Canada:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

London, England:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

Brussels, Belgium:

Accredited to Dinner in the Sky

Ideas like this one just go to show that time and time again, location is key! Be bold in choosing your next location.

Check out these maps below-

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Map with Drive Time Radius and Added Demographics

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