Helpful Maps for Helping Hands

Posted on September 26, 2011


When it comes to planning, accurate visual tools are essential, especially for church mission and service organizations. Mission organizations often deal with the fluctuations of growth, relocating, and changes within areas that they are volunteering. Constant change calls for constant planning and organization.


So when the mission organization of a large Methodist church in Indiana needed a visual tool to help them plan and distribute their volunteers to 7 different counties within the state, they contacted us.



We provided the church with a custom map to highlight the counties they needed. Since these areas differ in time zone, we provided labeling to highlight those areas that fall in central time zones and those in eastern.


Finished with wooden rails, this map has become the perfect tool for the church to easily locate and plot their locations throughout Indiana. The wooden rails make it easy for the organization leaders to hang their map flush against any wall, thus making their map even easier to use. And with laminated coating, they have no problem erasing and re-plotting their locations however they see fit.


We’re proud that our map is able to help this church as they work hard to help others!

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