MarketMAPS Helping Fleet Management Go the Distance

Posted on September 22, 2011


Successful fleet management companies expand throughout the nation so that clients can rely on their services cross country. This way, clients can get from A to B easy, wherever those points are.


The more locations a fleet management company has, the more efficient and successful they will be. But in order to stay efficient, these companies need to be able to refer customers to the closest locations. So when one company decided that they needed help creating visuals and gathering data for their locations, they turned to us.

We provide them with territory/market potential maps, as well as maps to display the proximity of their customers to their locations and their competitor, throughout the nation.


by Ken Davies


Through our company branch GbBIS, MarketMAPS also provides this fleet management company with distance analysis reports covering the entire US. This data helps personnel to see where a client is located in relation to fleet business branches, so that when personnel need to refer a customer to the closest of their 500 branches, the job is made easy. The process is simple- they call or email us with a list of customer locations, and we append the nearest branch to each of them, providing their distance analysis reports by the next day.


MarketMAPS provides only the highest quality data and design to ensure that your business, like this fleet management company, can go the distance.


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