Unusual Business: Hostel In Disguise

Posted on September 21, 2011


At first glance, you might think that this jumbo jet had crash landed in front of the Stockhold-Arlanda Airport

…until you step inside.


Welcome to the world’s first jumbo jet hostel. This airplane used to fly for Singapore Airlines until 2002 when the company went under. That’s when founder Oscar Dios decided to transform this giant carrier from travel to shelter.



This converted plane comes complete with everything from bedrooms to a community dining room to share your continental breakfast. The hostel has several rooms available and is even double story. Now you can be the first of your friends to say that you snoozed in the cockpit of a jumbo jet…unless your friend is a pilot, then you might have some competition.


Albeit a bit obvious, for the Jumbo Hostel of Arlanda Airport it is clear that location was key. Positioned far enough from the other planes and runway so that you wont have to worry about too much noise, but close enough to get to your flight at a moments notice, the location is as appealing as the novelty of sleeping in a jet. At 3 minutes away from the rest of the airport, it’s the perfect place for travelers to sleep comfortably before their flight.


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