MarketMAPS Helping to Secure the Nation

Posted on September 20, 2011


Safety: It’s a service and mission that Security Companies have been striving for since the 20th century.

The major question that these companies face isn’t on how to set security measures, but to what degree. Security companies need to know a great variety of crime statistics in order to provide the right services to any individual. So when one company was looking for the most reliable provider of this data, they turned to us.

Crime rate statistics are important, but as these numbers vary by location, understanding the geography behind the data is essential. So we gave this security company a program that would apply those statistics to geography- a technique that provides a clear and essential visual to customers.

We call them crime indicator maps, tools that help this security company in a number of areas. These visuals can be used to market products based on crime statistics, educate customers, and analyze locations surrounding businesses in order to suggest the best ways to lower their risks.

We offer over 35 different classifications of demographic data, assuring that you get the information you need from anywhere in the US. And, like this security company’s, we make your web application custom, to ensure that it fits your exact needs.

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